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New Postage Rates for 2016

Postage Rates
The First-Class stamp is 47 cents after the new postage rates began April 10, 2016. The US Postal Service has officially announced the postage rate increases for the 2016 mailing season. The Post Office has recently switched from doing large postage increases every 4 years to a smaller increase each year to keep up with costs and industry fluctuations.

You should also be using intelligent mail barcodes as well. This is a service we have been offering for 7 years. We have been using these IMB codes since 2008 and have the only app in the iTunes store that uses them.

So many of our innovations are based on these barcodes and it always shocks me how far in front of the pack we stay. CSG Direct invented America's first public US Mail Tracking systems

You should check out our Direct Mail iPhone app based on the new Intelligent Mail Barcodes.

We always publish a shortlist of the new postage rates: 2016 NEW POSTAGE RATES

For reference here are past postage rates: ..more Postage Rates information

Mailing Services

Mailing Services

At CSG Direct we have innovated many of the direct mail processes to save you time and money. We will fold with Spot glue or Tab mailers closed, Folding, Inserting, Addressing, Cutting, Assembling - we do it all.


CSG Direct was a early adopter of National Change of Address due to the value to increasing response and reducing direct mail costs. This is a USPS required service and we do it every single day at CSG Direct.
US Mail Tracking

US Mail Tracking

Tracking Bulk Mail through the US Postal Service has not only been our dream, it has been our destiny. Our New Innovations are shaking up
direct mail, reducing postage and ensuring a smooth mail delivery.
Database Marketing

Database Marketing

We are known for our abilities with the most complex of data matrix jobs as well as statistics, data-farming, data-mapping, web enabled databases and so much more.
Direct Mail Printing

Direct Mail Printing

It takes a Direct Mail Printing team to really make your Direct Mail Print dance with personalization. We live and breathe variable data printing, variable graphics and high response direct mail.
Mailing Services

Direct Mail

We at CSG Direct are focused on quality and speed and we use our high quality staff (25 MQC certified by the USPS) to identify ways to save money through intelligent programs.
CSG Direct is an innovator and early adopter of many services using the United States Postal Service.
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