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CSG Direct Automation Services

Set up your marketing programs to run automatically on your schedule.

Automated Direct Mail

Your direct mail can be automated to go out on your own schedule - automatically. We combine your data and art then your project is scheduled to be printed on one of our digital presses and mailed.

Automated Email

Automated email campaigns are an easy and cost effective way to keep in touch with your customers. Give us your schedule or triggers and we will deliver your message on time and hands free.

Automated Campaigns

For an even greater impact, combine mail and email in your automated marketing campaigns! We can show you how to use this combination for the best results.


Create a triggered event using your specific criteria. These criteria can range from customer activity or birthdays to new member sign-ups or people you haven't seen in awhile.


If you want your automated mail and email to trigger on a timed schedule, we can do that as well. Daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever - it is up to you!


You can upload your data or we can pull data directly from your server! From matrix based coupon offers to completely variable graphic elements, we can help you set up the specifications in your data to make your automations run effortlessly.

Learn About CSG Direct's Automation Services

Automation allows you to set up hands-free marketing programs to run automatically on your schedule.

CSG Direct's Automation Services. Benefits of automated direct mail and email:
  • Reduce production time and the possibility of errors.
  • Variability and multiple versions to assure pinpoint marketing tailored to your individual clients.
  • Maximized email deliverability using a combination of enterprise servers, email validation, and inbox activity rating. These processes are unique to CSG Direct’s automated email platform.
  • Advanced performance reporting through our online portal.
  • Campaign integration connects your marketing programs to create multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • On-time delivery of message despite staffing changes.
  • Consistency of branding.
  • Overall time and expense savings by reallocation of employee resources.
Here’s how to use direct mail automation:
  • We work with your team to set up criteria within your customer database to trigger your direct mail on a timed schedule.
  • Data is then pushed to CSG Direct.
  • We process your data through postal software to get the best postage discounts.
  • We help you create a matrix of offers and variables that you can modify at any time through our online customer portal.
  • Your art files are combined with your data then output to our in-house digital presses for high-quality, full-color print.
  • Your mailers are prepared and presented to the post office for delivery on schedule.
Here’s how to use email automation:
  • We work with your team to set up criteria within your customer database to trigger your email on a timed schedule.
  • We use our proprietary email platform to send your emails through enterprise email servers that are powerful, fast, and reputable for improved deliverability. This helps to assure your emails don’t go to spam folders and/or are rejected/bounced altogether.
  • We provide daily counts of your email programs progress: Opened and unopened emails, unsubscribers, invalids, bounces, inbox activity rating, and much more.
Programs to choose from:
  • New member program: Start creating loyalty immediately by sending an email or direct mail piece to a new customer as soon as they join you.
  • Birthdays or anniversaries: Celebrate a customer’s birthday or signup anniversary.
  • Monthly loyalty mailers and emails: Reward customers for their loyalty each month.
  • Inactives: Don’t let customers slip through the cracks, invite them back when you haven’t seen them by a specific date.
  • Event based offers: Any event you can track in your data can be used to trigger an email or direct mail piece with personalized offers.
  • The possibilities are as endless as your marketing needs…
Download a PDF about our direct mail automation services or our email automation services.



From the current postages rates, to white sheets of our services, to design templates and tutorials, we have collected a treasure trove of resources for you to use in your marketing campaigns.


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