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Clean data is crucial to creating successful marketing campaigns. Is your data as clean as it can be?

What are Advanced Data Services?

CSG Direct's Advanced Data Services will help you identify records that are good, bad, or require changing in your database. Use these valuable services to clean your database and remove old and out-of-date data. This helps maximize your marketing campaign's success while saving money on wasted postage and print costs.


Over 60 million people and businesses in the US move every year. Without proper maintenance your data can become outdated quickly.


Address standardization and validation should be the foundation of your overall data quality strategy. Fortunately, it's also one of the easiest services to implement.


Find more address changes, changes that date back beyond the 48-month window of NCOALink, name changes/discrepancies, and identifying deceased individuals.


DSF2 only requires a mailing address. However, if your list contains name information we always recommend using NCOALink with DSF2.

Canadian CASS

You can validate and confirm your Canadian address information with our SERP certified address standardization service.

Deceased Suppression

Some people on your mailing list may have passed away. You can use our Deceased Suppression service to identify these people and remove them from your list.

Do Not Mail Suppression

Lower your print and mail cost and it will keep you in compliance with the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Do Not Mail policy.

Prison Suppression

You can identify and remove addresses from your mailing lists that are known prisons and jails.

Nursing Home Suppression

Some products are not necessarily a good fit for people who live in a nursing home facility.

Bankruptcy Suppression

You can identify individuals on your mailing list who have filed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Apartment Append

This service appends missing suite numbers, building numbers, and apartment numbers to addresses in multi-family units.

Extended Data Services

CSG Direct offers many data services in addition to those available on our online portal. Call 775-852-9777 or email support@csgdirect.com to find out more.

How dirty is your data?

Run a free data service report to find out!

Data service reports analyze your database and display counts for: deceased records, bad addresses, people who have moved (NCOA/PCOA+), and much more! This is a free tool that allows you to make an informed decision before purchasing one of our advanced data services.

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