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Personalized Mail

Change your art for each individual, swap out graphics and offers, maybe even send them to a personalized landing page. CSG Direct has been personalizing mail for over 20 years!

Personalized Landing Pages

You can send your customers to personalized landing pages built for each unique individual with the information you know about them.

Personalized Emails

You can send your customers emails that are personalized with graphics, text, offers, etc. that cater to their interests.

Custom Maps

Add a map from your customer's door to your business on any mail, email, or web project. This is a helpful personalized touch if you have a brick and mortar store.


Make custom PDF coupon offers for each indivual that they can print or show on their mobile device. It's easy!


Send your customers to a survey page to gather important information in a fun, interactive way. Be sure to visit our direct marketing healthcheck below to see an example.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is taking advantage of multiple online and offline marketing communication channels to engage with your customers. For example, you could use direct mail, email, and landing pages with personalized pdf offers to drive traffic to both your website and brick-and-mortar store. This allows you to engage your customers with the medium they are most likely to respond to.

CSG Direct's Automation Services. Benefits of interactive multi-channel marketing campaigns:
  • Having multiple channels will help ensure that your message is received by your target audience.
  • Adding interactive elements increases customer engagement. Simply including a QR code or scavenger hunt prompt in your mailer encourages your customers to take an action.
  • Generate awareness by increasing the frequency that you interact with your customers through different channels to ensure that they do not forget about you.
  • Your message does not need to be static. You can change your message to address each of your customer’s specific needs and requirements.
  • When using multiple channels it is easier to reach a larger target audience.
  • Higher attendance of marketed events.
Examples of multi-channel marketing:
  • Send a direct mail piece with variable messages and graphics catered to your customer's interests that takes them to a personalized landing page where they can take a survey or sign up for emails. Send them an email with a special offer immediately after they sign up.
  • Add personalized coupons to your email marketing campaigns. Cater your offers to your customer's preferences and encourage them to visit your brick and mortar store to redeem their coupons.
  • Use data collected in your online store to send your customers a mailer showcasing items they have browsed. Give them a discount to purchase that item if they use a personalized link in the mailer.
  • Hosting an event? Send an invitation through the mail with a personalized URL to RSVP. Send a personalized confirmation email when they RSVP, and automatic reminder emails before the event day. Automatically send a follow up mailer if they don’t RSVP in a specified timeframe.

CSG Direct's Marketing Healthcheck is an example of multi-channel interactivity
that you can try right now!

Why use CSG Direct for your Multi-channel Marketing?

By combining different marketing channels, detailing the conditions and order in which they're executed, and setting a time frame for execution, CSG Direct crafts a custom campaign for your marketing goals. You may choose your channels from direct mail, email, SMS text, variable landing pages, surveys, and more. All of these channels can be automated, combined, and personalized for a hands-free variable marketing experience.

You can view the results of your multi-channel marketing campaign in our online customer portal.

CSG Direct's Automation Services. What does this accomplish?
  • Increased exposure to your marketing campaigns
  • Higher responses to events and promotions
  • Reinforcing your brand and marketing message in your client’s minds
  • Maximizing the overall success of your marketing
Here are some examples of what is possible when using CSG Direct for multi-channel marketing:
  • Send direct mailers to customers who have not opened your emails, or resend the original email.
  • Collect data from a web form and use it to choose which channels you will market next.
  • Send personalized offers based off survey results, or links clicked in an email.
  • Have customers RSVP to an event through a personalized landing page.
  • Automate your marketing programs: birthday offers, inactive customers, monthly/weekly/daily offers, newsletters, reminders, calendar of events, sales, and more.
What can I use a multi-channel campaign for?
  • New products/services: Showcase your new products and services with mailers and emails.
  • New customers: When a customer signs up in store, make them welcome with direct mail, email, and text.
  • Loyalty programs: Reward customers for their loyalty each month with personalized landing pages and offers.
  • Event based offers: Any event you can track in your data can be used to trigger a multi-channel campaign.
  • Anything you cam imagine!
Do it all automatically!
  • Once you set up your campaign, it will run by itself. You set the timing and criteria, work with our data experts to make sure everything is programmed to your liking and everything triggers automatically.

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